Prestige Motorcycle Escorts


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This is the high end of our services.

Three motorcycles at the front and two at the back.

Product Summary

 Fantastic visual impact

 Enough to be noticed

 Make you feel special on YOUR day

 Cheap enough for some to have off your bridal registry

 Direct Radio communication from your limousine to the outriders.

 5 Motorcycles (2 Hours) = $1000

 5 Motorcycles (3 Hours) = $1500

 5 Motorcycles (4 Hours) = $2000

 5 Motorcycles (5 Hours) = $2500

Price: $2000

Its not about the expensive its about the quality.


Our philosophy at Prestige Motorcycle Escorts is to give you the best there is.


How do we do that? We start by given each rider the best there is!


It costs us about three thousand dollars per rider to fit them out. Coupled with the BMW motorcycles, please note that these are not EX-Police vehicles. They are purchased as Public Authority models and the correct lenses are attached so as to identify that we are NOT government affiliated.


Choose the hours you want choose the number you want.

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Perfect for your Sydney Wedding Car.


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